Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tell a Good Story

Things happen.

Things that you may not want to happen.

Unexpected things. Crazy things.

Life has twists and turns, and can uproot your daily life for longer than preferable. It's important to stay calm when things don't according to plan. Instead of letting one bad event ruin your day, it's helpful to have a positive mindset. A personal motto of mine is to "tell a good story".

Look at adversities as opportunities. Don't fret molehills, craft stories. I've found that many events that could be horrible create funny and engaging stories after-the-fact. Don't be upset, be a story teller.

I've had my fair share of adverse events, many that have become some of my favorite stories to tell others. When I was a rower in high school, bad weather was a common phenomenon. Being surrounded by open water and exposed to the elements makes weather very relevant. One of my favorite stories involves an element of danger.  It was at our regional championship regatta. Just as the race was starting, a thunderclap rang out and beckoned in a torrential thunderstorm. 

It was a life-threatening situation; I was on a lake, in a fiberglass shell, during a thunderstorm. 

The only thought running through my mind as we raced for our lives: I can't wait to tell someone about this.

I could have panicked, but that would have done little to change anything. Instead, I fully enjoyed the craziness of the moment, and smiled as all hell broke loose.  Life's too short to be miserable. 

The secret to coping with life's issues is in your mindset. Look at problems with a positive attitude.

Tell a good story, Thrivers.

Someone will enjoy it.

In the comments below, share an event that was not ideal but makes an awfully good story to tell. As always, every comment and advice is appreciated. If you enjoyed this week's post, share it with your friends! It's extremely helpful to the blog, and I am gracious for your support. Have a good week, and remember to Thrive!

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