Saturday, August 2, 2014

Surviving Life - A Life Experiment

Surviving Life - A Life Experiment

Hello World!

Frankly, I'm quite amazed that you have found this blog at all, considering it didn't exist at the time of writing this post. Kudos to you for making it here!

I'm sure you are all wondering (as am I) about what exactly this blog is about or will become as I try to grow it. This blog is sprouting out of a personal desire and drive to accomplish something, and I aim to act a companion and guide along the path we all follow to survive life and, hopefully, to thrive. 

Because, as you are probably aware, life rarely acts helpfully. At least, thats how it seems. Whether it's a car getting towed or freak accident, life happens without asking our permission for it to. We all just are trying to live our lives as best as possible, to survive.

So let's survive.

Let's make our own opportunities when it seems impossible to do so. Let's make the best of what we have, and let's help each other all achieve the goal of surviving in this crazy era.

Life isn't easy, but it is survivable. Let's see if we can't do even better than that. 

Here's to the Survivors; we will not fall victim to tragedies that come our way.
We will survive. Remember that.

Maybe even thrive.

Caden S. 

 If you have any suggestions as to what you would like this blog to cover, please feel free to do so down in the comments. I am gracious for any comments that you may have, and look forward to improving this "experiment" as much as possible. We can all be thrivers, it just takes a bit of work. It's time to thrive!

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